Treatment of baby with flu

London – The baby have points of contact with the germs of the flu that they are: kindergarten, school, siblings, parents, relatives.

The latter, with more widespread due to kisses and hugs.

Very useful is prevention, which is to wash your baby’s hands, especially before you touch your nose or mouth.

It ‘s important to keep it away from people coughing, sneezing by people, places closed and crowded.

The steps taken that does not suffer from hot to cold, without having adequately covered even on the nose and mouth, is desirable.

In general, the flu begins with fever over 38 °, malaise, body aches, coughing, stuffy nose.

The influence in modest form, may not present with fever (or a few degrees), sneezing, coughing, slight discomfort.
When there is fever or flu symptoms, it is advisable to keep your child home a few days, until the clinical picture improves.

With a temperature above 38 °, the only used was paracetamol (Tachipirina).

The fever, it is advisable to keep the child still at home one or two days.
Normally, the flu lasts three or four days, staying at home with five or six.

If, after four or five days, fever and symptoms resolve, it is advisable to consult the family pediatrician.

Medical Scientific Advisory Prof. Giovanni Serra, former Chief Neonatology, Hospital Gaslini in Genoa

Luisa Costa

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