Me, My Dad and His Kidney wins BAFTA

London – A documentary that followed nine-year-old Raphael Havard as he prepared for, and underwent, a kidney transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital has won a BAFTA.

Me, My Dad and His Kidney was filmed for CBBC’s My Life documentary series by Nine Lives Media.

The programme told the story of how Raphael had developed a medical condition which had destroyed his kidneys and showed him receiving a life-saving kidney transplant from his father Duane. Clever use of animation gave young viewers a unique insight into the function of the kidney and its importance to the human body.

Dr Stephen Marks, a renal consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital said: “We are delighted that Me, My dad and His Kidney has received the factual category award in the video games and children’s BAFTAs. This film is an excellent resource for patients and their families who are getting ready for a transplant as it helps them to understand the transplant process. We are extremely grateful to Raphael and his family for opening up their lives to TV cameras as they were getting ready for and undergoing surgery. By doing so, they have helped other children and young people prepare for their own transplant as well as raise awareness about the importance of transplantation among young people.”

My Life, Me, My Dad & His Kidney will be repeated on Tuesday 27th November at 4pm on BBC ONE.

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