Luisa Costa, coordinator and search

Do not be confused by the title of the study.

Luisa Costa did not graduate in medicine but in other ……:
architecture and design (in Paris), art history, natural medicine, psychology and much else that is currently still studying for example: Magnetic Bioresonance.

Born in Genoa, dynamic, cares for many years to the problems of health in its various aspects and conditions.

And this has written numerous articles for major national newspapers.

Dear friend and long Cacelli Richard – Managing Director Italynews Ltd – has insisted that he publish a space dedicated to children and the problems of their growth.

And Richard Cacelli gladly approved his idea and his project.

And here is that Luisa is the coordinator of this space, which is intended to help mothers and fathers, whose use of the valuable and gratuitous collabrazione Prof. Giovanni Serra and his staff work Gaslini Hospital in Genoa.

Who to contact Louise can do so by sending an e-mail to: