It happens that children are born already “stressed”

London – It happens that children are born already “stressed”.
It is possible when an infant and an infant suffered the stress of the mother during pregnancy.
The pregnant woman, due to sudden hormonal changes, can have various physical problemartiche “or” and / or psychological.

There are several factors that generate stress: working condition, both the woman and man, economic problems, the relationship with her partner, multiple anxieties about the condition of pregnancy, childbirth or the issues on the event for the immediate future after birth.

Various anxieties are present in mothers and cover the next way of life after an event so natural, but still challenging.
In the presence of high states of stress, may be even a miscarriage or preterm delivery.

The premature baby with birth defects due to low weight “(under a pound),” in full-term anxiety in a mother can have some common problems: state of irritability or excitability, or both, conditions that can affect sleep patterns or processes of digestion and nutrition.

And ‘logic to avoid, therefore, the anxiety, not with anxiety, but relaxation techniques.
The father’s support is crucial, though sometimes, the companion is affected, also the stress of the event.

In summer, it is most useful to recall wrong attitudes that harm the child and that, unfortunately, are observed very frequently.
The first major problem concerns the sun exposure of infants and children of all: it is actually harmful direct sunlight central hours.

Fight the heat preventing sweat and not be exposed to air currents, not covering them too.

The habit of recent years, to keep the kids awake over 21 hours, damaging the child himself.
And ‘duty to respect customs and rhythms of life, without disturbing the rest due to customs.
The ideal holiday for children does not distinguish between sea, mountain.

In fact, there are common rules to be respected however: quiet places, clean air, not too hot or humid, with the presence of greenery to improve oxygenation.

It may be suggested, for example, the sea to a child or lymph mountain to a child anemic, but, even if some Pediatrician-willing, never exceed 1000-1200 feet for an infant or a child around the year.
It is known and is easy to see that the thinner air and lower the percentage of oxygen, does not benefit the child and the situation can affect brain and augmentative.

As usual even this article was created with the help of medical science free Prof. Giovanni Serra, former Chief Neonatology Gaslini Hospital in Genoa.

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