Infants at risk for trauma mothers during pregnancy

London – Medical scientific advisory Prof.Giovanni Serra, Neonatology Hospital Gaslini in Genoa

It happens that some women are mistreated, abused and beaten during pregnancy. And this happens very often within families.

But violence on pregnant women, can have consequences on the same woman or the fetus.
In these cases, the organs most affected are the genitals, abdomen and breast.

The greatest risk to the child, is in its death, or in abortion or in the formation of developmental damage to the brain system. These problems may appear in the fetal stage or after birth.

But when the baby, despite the violence suffered by the mother, was born with no particular problems evident, a thorough examination is necessary, (in pregnancy, gynecological exams with specific field hospital) in order to exclude damage is not apparent.

The operators of the hospital sector ricososcono diseases and have responsibilities in recognizing problems in order to save lives and protect the mother and son.

In 1993 the UN declared that violence against women, problems can cause physical, sexual, psychological, causing suffering, coercion and deprivation of liberty.

Unfortunately many cases, families, unreported, with its probable damage to the child.

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