London – The breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day.
This is because they spend many hours without power during nighttime sleep.

As young adults and the baby also needs to support energy, which must include all food substances, especially glucose, minerals and vitamins.

Childhood is important in the first wake up the baby for the breakfast adequate and correct, to become a healthy habit, for years to come.

The food is the most appropriate low-fat milk, in quantities of 200 to 300 ml, with bread or biscuits or biscuits are not too sugary.

Depending on the season and / or exercise of the child, you can use honey or jam.

Considering that breakfast should always be hydrating the baby needs milk, yogurt or white, often added to fruit: apple, pear, banana, detail.

This type of power, than fresh water, provide vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber.

Medical and scientific advisory of Prof. Giovanni Serra, former Chief Neonatology Gaslini Hospital in Genoa

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